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CS: GO is perhaps among very few games that stand the test of time. With the first installment in the series being released in 1999, the current version of the game is awe-inspiring. If you want to see and participate in a lot of gun action, this game is for you! CS: GO is a thrilling addictive shooting game that never gets boring. Even though it was originally released almost a decade ago, the fandom of the game still grows strong and has over 10 million new players monthly.

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CS: GO is a competition-based game meaning that the two 5-member teams are meeting for an epic show-down. Depending on the game modification that you choose and whether or not your account has restrictions, you’re going to play against other players or bots. The latter, of course, is no fun and is suitable only for newbies.
Keep in mind that the game contains a lot of violent scenes and bloodshed. So little children should not be allowed to play CS: GO. Provided you are old enough, let’s see what specific modifications this game can offer.
The Classic mode is probably the most popular. The main plotlines of this modification are saving hostages from the hands of evil criminals or getting in the way of them planting an explosive device. You can choose respective variation depending on your preferences. For example, when playing a game with a bomb, time becomes very crucial. The bomb should be disabled before it can go off and blow the whole building up. If it explodes or if every antiterrorist is killed, the other party wins. If you choose the main plot about saving hostages, their lives are paramount. If one of the people is not rescued, you will lose points. The main task in this modification is to save all the people who had been kidnapped by the criminals before the time runs out.
The Deathmatch is a team-based modification with infinite ammunition available. Your rank doesn’t determine what kind of guns you can have. Another positive side is that a lot of maps from other game modes are available.
In Danger Space, you need to be the last man standing to win. Depending on your preference, you can choose both collective and solo variations. A total of 3 sceneries can be explored, however, it’s not up to the player to switch between them. The map will be switched automatically every half an hour. The most exciting thing about this modification is a high level of health and being able to buy yourself a bunch of weapons. Local currency can be found within the map or maybe awarded to you after killing enemies. The game continues till everybody is dead but one person.
The abundance of guns is the most prominent feature of CS: GO. Overall, there are five types of guns and equipment that can be bought within the game, ranging from light to very heavy stuff. The most popular are machine guns; sniper rifles are the most sought-after pieces of weapon. The trajectory that the bullet takes is very life-like. It seems that developers know a thing or two about recoil patterns and how bullets interact with the physical environment in reality. So immerse yourself in this real-looking game and enjoy epic military action!

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