CS GO 1.6

About the title

CS: GO 1.6 is a special edition of the traditional series. It is easier to run on your computer and it has all the features of the original CS. Two teams are fighting against each other, their goal is to complete an important mission. Each stage of the game begins with spawning and purchasing your gear with the bonuses earned at the previous round. If you don’t buy any equipment, you will end up with the basic pistol and a knife. The game has the most popular modifications like Assault, Mansion or Dust. Depending on what layout you choose, you can wind up at the historical native American grounds (Aztec, to be exact) or in a lively urban area.

In CS: GO 1.6, there are three main objectives: to inactivate a bomb, set hostages free and prevent the minister from being killed. Let’s see what you should do in each of those modifications. In Bomb Deactivation, your main job is to keep the building from exploding either by protecting the strategic site from terrorists implanting explosives or by killing off all the criminals before the round ends. If you play on the side of the criminals, your objectives are completely different: you need to cause a major explosion. When saving hostages, you cannot leave even one man behind. Everybody needs to be rescued in order for you to defeat the criminals.

Things get pretty serious when we talk about assassinating famous VIPs. You must protect this important person at all costs and ward off the criminals from the site of his residence. There are eight character configurations you can choose from. If you were killed in the previous round, you still get the basic warrior set. If you end up alive, you get to keep all the gear from the previous round plus quickly buy some new stuff at the start of the new game.

If you were killed before the round ends, you can still lurk around as a spirit, becoming an audience member. As a ghost, you can’t talk to your teammates, but you can see all the game unfolding from different perspectives. There have been some abuses of power by such ghosts or spirits. It was revealed that they relayed certain information to their group members after their death through other communication media outside the game (phone calls, zoom calls etc.). Official developers are forced to ban such players. The points are given to participants who stayed alive till the end, killed one of the opposing team’s members, set the kidnapping victim free, deactivated the explosive device or done other important tasks. Naturally, the bonuses will be given for completely opposite actions if you are a criminal. Make sure you try out this amazing edition and achieve all the goals!

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