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CS: GO 2 is a successor to the traditional CS: GO series, however, a lot of questions have been raised as for the time of its release. It seems that developers are preparing something special for us. Fans believe that CS: GO 2 will be available on Source-2 platform and this will completely revolutionize the game. The game play will stay the same with some new variations introduced. Some players are afraid they are going to lose their skins from previous games, but this doesn’t make sense financially for developers. Rest assured, your rank, points, and all your skins will be transitioned into the new CS: GO 2 (in their original form or with minor variations).

The game features an urban setting with some military action. There are a number of scenes like Dust 2, Mirage, Hell, and many others. The plot revolves around two teams of characters opposing each other. “The bad guys” are trying to create a diversion, to capture the building or some strategic object, and to hide away the bomb. Accordingly, the task of “the good guys” is to ward off the intruders, guard strategic objects and prevent the terrorists from using explosives. The second rendition features multiple hostages who need to be whisked away from the criminals’ evil hands. This won’t be an easy task as the enemies are highly strategic and tactical. But your team can outsmart their effort by coordinating your actions and developing a straightforward course of action.

Apart from the primary modification, there are various iterations such as Flying Scoutsman. The members of the team use sniper rifles and, surprisingly, a knife. In Retake, three criminals will guard the detonator planted in the building. The opposing team consists of four players and their task is to get past the bad guys and diffuse the explosives.

Danger Space is about looking for free guns and in-game money. Up to eighteen participants per session are allowed. Last person alive usually wins. If you are going to try this gaming experience, you should try out the special Course Mode created by developers. It teaches you how to use ammunition and military equipment. In this modification, you can practice endlessly, without having any bad consequences if you take the wrong action (so it makes sense to practice even more). In this version, your main opponents are bots. Other game modes that provide you the chance to play online with real people or offline with AI. In the end, what Counter-Strike taught us is that shooting practice makes perfect. So don’t hesitate to try out the new CS: GO 2, it will be well worth your gaming time!

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