CS GO Global Offensive

About the title

CS: Global Offensive is a cooperative military game which involves a lot of violence. There are numerous options to play CS: GO which include participating with your friends in a customised game or being assigned with randomly matching players from around the world. This iteration of the legendary series includes eight game modifications. For example, in Annihilation, the team members are asked to guard a site where a bomb might be planted. However, you don’t work alongside your peers but rather stand on guard for an equal amount of time. Don’t be afraid to kill your enemies, as this will only give you additional points and new weapons will be awarded.

If you want some casual play, perhaps, you can start using a game modification with the same name. The Casual mode has the lowest requirements to pass certain levels. The controls are super easy to use and you don’t need a lot of game rewards to try out new guns for skills. This variation is perfect for complete newbies, but may be used even by experienced players from time to time who want to relax. Death-fight is the fastest modification in the series (it takes around 10 minutes to play). The main advantage of this variation is the chance to constantly renew your ammunition and get endless points for killing the bad guys. Pay attention to the point count as enemies who were killed with different weapons will be worth different scores.

In Wingman, the participants are grouped into 2-member competitive teams. They need to protect a certain location to overthrow the enemy’s plan to plant an explosive device. Collecting points in this mode is especially relevant, as they can grant you access into the Skill Group, the most prestigious prize for players. Gun Race stands out with a wide array of weaponry that you get to use as you level up. Each time you kill someone, you can get a new cooler gun, perhaps, even some fancy sniper gear! Overall, it seems that Global Offensive will continue to keep players excited for a long time. With new updates on the way, you will always feel like a cool military man!

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